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Managing Your Organizational MEmbership

These instructions apply to the NBAA membership levels:  Small Organizational Membership, Medium Organizational Membership, and Large Organizational Membership.  Membership bundles are designed for staff and board members of a single non-profit organization.  We reserve the right to limit bundle access.

Creating a Membership Bundle:

  • An account administrator or you can create a membership bundle.
  • When you create a bundle, you become the bundle coordinator.
  • Select the bundle membership level on the membership application form.
  • Complete the form, review, and confirm.
  • Pay the bundle membership fee.
  • You can start adding members to your bundle after activation.
  • We recommend just adding name, email, title, and organizational name for each bundle member to send them an invitation to join.
  • You do not need to re-enter all the primary organizational information again.
  • If a member of your group has already joined on their own, contact with their name and email address and request to add them to your bundle.

Adding Members to a Bundle (Bundle Coordinator):

  • Log into this site site.
  • Go to your member profile.
  • Click "Add bundle member" in the Bundle summary section.
  • Complete the membership application for the new member.
  • Save the information.

Editing Bundle Member Information (Bundle Coordinator):

  • Bundle coordinator can modify a bundle member's profile.
  • Click the bundle member's name in the Bundle summary section and then "Edit profile."

Removing a Bundle Member (contact

  • Only an account administrator of NBAA can remove a member from a bundle.
  • Bundle coordinator can archive a bundle member.
  • To archive, go to your member profile, click the member's name, and then click "Archive."

Renewing a Membership Bundle:

  • All bundle members share the same renewal date.
  • Bundle coordinator receives renewal reminders.
  • Pay the membership fee on behalf of the entire bundle.
  • Renew through the member profile.

Hiding the Bundle Member List:

  • Bundle coordinator can hide the list of bundle members on their public profile.
  • Change the "Linked bundle members" setting on the Privacy tab.

Changing Bundle Coordinators (contact

  • Only an account administrator of NBAA can change the bundle coordinator.
  • Former coordinator becomes a regular bundle member.
  • Transfer coordinatorship by making another member coordinator of the bundle.

Changing Bundle Levels (Bundle Coordinator):

  • Bundle coordinator can switch the entire bundle to a different bundle level.
  • Bundle members cannot switch levels while in a bundle.
  • Remove them from the bundle to switch to a different level.

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