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Strengthening Book Access for Underserved Populations

June 12, 2023 2:13 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

In the course of developing this organization, we have developed a business plan to help articulate the vision of where we're headed.  Please review this at your leisure, and reach out to me if you have comments or questions.

Executive Summary

The National Book Access Association (NBAA) is a membership association dedicated to strengthening the impact of book distribution organizations. Our mission is to increase access to books for all people, particularly those in underserved populations, through strategic collaboration, resource-sharing, and professional development. By working together, we can enhance the capacity of the sector and provide equal access to engaging reading materials.

Market Analysis

The need for access to books among underserved populations is significant. Research has shown that lack of access to books at home is prevalent among low-income families, with approximately 60% of students lacking access in the United States. Access to books directly correlates with academic success, language development, and positive social and economic outcomes. Shared family reading also provides benefits for both children and parents.

NBAA aims to fill the gap in book access by supporting organizations that actively distribute books for free. Our primary target market includes administrative, fundraising, and programmatic leadership of these organizations, as well as government agencies and nonprofit organizations housing such programs.

Service Offerings

NBAA offers a range of services designed to support book distribution organizations. These services are determined collaboratively by the members. We provide shared learning initiatives to enhance organizational capacity and facilitate networking opportunities for collaboration and support. By leveraging these services, we can collectively make a meaningful impact in the lives of individuals who lack access to books.

To achieve our mission, we focus on three main areas:

  1. Strategic Collaboration: We aim to formalize a network of similar nonprofits committed to book distribution. Through collaboration, we can leverage resources and expertise to maximize our impact and raise awareness about the importance of book access. Advocacy efforts and awareness-raising activities will help us promote our mission and engage with like-minded organizations.

  2. Resource Sharing: We provide support and information to book distribution organizations to enhance their capacity and quality of operation. This includes fundraising workshops, collective purchasing, access to discounted services, and opportunities for collaborative fundraising campaigns. Sharing resources ensures member organizations can acquire and distribute high-quality books effectively.

  3. Professional Development: NBAA will establish a centralized platform for individuals interested in book access work. This platform will facilitate connections with existing organizations, provide learning experiences on book selection, distribution, and program evaluation, and offer a resource center with relevant articles and templates.

Earned Revenue Model

NBAA's revenue model includes tiered membership levels, sponsorship of the annual conference, and entrance fees for non-members. Organizational, institutional, and individual memberships will be offered at different rates, providing access to training, networking initiatives, and discounts. By actively recruiting members, we can generate revenue to support our operations and services.

Public Relations Strategy

Our public outreach or marketing strategy focuses on reaching individuals and organizations who understand the critical role of book distribution in addressing the literacy crisis. We attend conferences, partner with other nonprofits, and utilize social media and email marketing to raise awareness about our services and membership options. Personal outreach to potential members and supporters will also be a key recruitment method.

Fundraising Strategy

NBAA's fundraising strategy involves grants, donations, merchandise sales, and conference fees. We actively seek grants and sponsorships for special projects, offer recognition to sponsors, and establish partnerships with like-minded organizations. Individual donations from the public will be solicited when qualified to do so.

Operations Plan

NBAA will be led by a committee of experienced nonprofit book distribution professionals who will establish the organization's strategic vision. When funding allows, an Executive Director, part-time staff, and contractors will support operations. We will maintain a virtual office to ensure accessibility across the country.

Financial Plan

NBAA's financial plan includes fiscal sponsorship, a Finance team, and an online membership/donation processor. Our projected revenue and expenses will increase over time, with web and communication services, staff compensation, and the annual conference being significant expenses. We aim to apply for independent status by 2028.

Desired Impact

With a strong network of book distribution organizations, NBAA aims to close the literacy gap by supporting a robust and high functioning system to provide equal access to books for underserved populations. Through collaboration, resource-sharing, and professional development, we can collectively make a lasting impact on individuals' lives and promote the love of reading for all. Join us in strengthening book access and transforming communities.

The National Book Access Association is a Sponsored Program of First Book. Founded in Washington, D.C. in 1992, First Book is an award-winning nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to eliminating barriers to learning and inspiring young minds.

Contact us at

National Book Access Association c/o First Book
1319 F St NW, Suite 1000, Washington DC 20004

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